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Как рекурсивно изменить все права на директорию ?

sudo chmod -R ugo+rw /DATA/SHARE

chmod – the command to modify permissions
-R – this modifies the permission of the parent folder and the child objects within
ugo+rw – this gives User, Group, and Other read and write access.


Добавить пользователя user в группу supergroup:

usermod -a -G supergroup user


Отличный просмотрщик использования дисков ncdu

sudo apt update

sudo apt install ncdu

пример использования

ncdu .


Получить список файлов по дате создания с абсолютными путями 


find "$PWD" -type f -newermt "2020-02-10 17:55:00" ! -newermt "2020-02-10 18:30:00" -ls


Full details from man find:

   -newerXY reference
          Compares the timestamp of the current file with reference.  The reference argument is normally the name of a file (and one of its timestamps  is  used
          for  the  comparison)  but  it may also be a string describing an absolute time.  X and Y are placeholders for other letters, and these letters select
          which time belonging to how reference is used for the comparison.

          a   The access time of the file reference
          B   The birth time of the file reference
          c   The inode status change time of reference
          m   The modification time of the file reference
          t   reference is interpreted directly as a time

          Some combinations are invalid; for example, it is invalid for X to be t.  Some combinations are not implemented on all systems; for example B  is  not
          supported on all systems.  If an invalid or unsupported combination of XY is specified, a fatal error results.  Time specifications are interpreted as
          for the argument to the -d option of GNU date.  If you try to use the birth time of a reference file, and the birth time cannot be determined, a fatal
          error  message  results.   If  you  specify a test which refers to the birth time of files being examined, this test will fail for any files where the
          birth time is unknown.


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